Saturday, May 12, 2007

Building a small Linux computer

Hi all,

I am starting this blog to enable comments for my Puppy Box page at

I currently have no plans to turn this space into a real blog.
But you never know..

Best regards,


Bert Vercauteren said...
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anna vercauteren said...

waauw!!! Je site is fantasties!!!!Zo duidelijk, simpel en uitnodigend!!Ik vind de lay out ook heel mooi. I am mostley impressed!!
Please keep going on at this way..
Dada :)

David said...

Hi! Your story is fantastic and I can feel you must have thoroughly enjoyed the process. Now you stirred my desire to build a Puppy-box myself. If I ever do so, I'l let you know. Greetings from Argentina from Dave

mark said...

hi Bert!

thanks for the sharing your Puppy Box story. this gives me some good ideas for building a smaller, quieter and greener box for my Puppy.

my current box has no hard drive and only two small fans. the CD drive is idle after boot, so maybe i'm not using so much power, but when i upgrade i'll be studying your box as guide.

DaySleeper555 said...

Great presentation, good job! Found link to your site in forum signature, story is quite inspirative!

CJ Flynn said...

Cool info. I have done a few things with puppy before but nothing this interesting. by the way how did you get that image of a puppy 2 display on the URL bar for a Google site?